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BFCT is the Blender Foundation’s official certified trainers program.This membership is renewed annually, along with updated knowledge on new topics Blender might cover.

The goals of the BFCT program are:

  • Provide a standard for Certification for everyone who is interested in teaching Blender professionally
  • Help experienced Blender artists and developers to get into training business
  • Increase the quality and quantity of Blender training worldwide

A certified trainer should target at least one of the following audiences:

  • Corporations who want employees trained in Blender
  • School/College/University teachers who want to integrate Blender in classes
  • Individual 3D artists who want to become trained in Blender

A certified trainer cannot give BFCT status to people who have attended their classes, however they are fully free to define their own courses or own student certification programs.

Certified Trainers

Over 40+ trainers spread on 5 continents.

The current list of certified trainers can be seen at the Blender Network.

Become a Trainer

Thinking of join the team?

Read about how to become a certified trainer